Dating Over 50 Guidelines

Dating over the age of 50 can be a difficulty mentality to get into, especially when the dating scene is often steered towards the younger population. Even so, dating at this point in your life is considerably different than dating in your twenties was. Navigating the dating world among the over 50 crowd may seem overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but the fact that you've got experience on your side is a huge advantage when it comes to scoring dates. While dating for everyone may include a series of awkwardness, casual dinner talk, and a lot of trial and error, here are some guidelines for dating over the age of 50:

# Stay away from toxic topics during the first date

There is a common rule among first dates to steer clear of certain topics that only breed negativity. Most people over the age of 50 will come with some baggage, whether it be issues stemming from past marriages or financial crises. It's tempting to guide the conversation towards deep topics of dating and past relationships when you have someone to compare experiences with, but this is often something you should avoid on the first date. Bonding over ex-spouses or your collection of terrible dating experiences is certainly not a good way to start a relationship. Instead, talk about fun topics like common interests or passions that you can bond over and potentially plan a future date around.

# Wait until you're ready to have sex

Sure, sex is something that saturates the dating scene as a twenty something, but it is certainly not something to jump into right away. Now that you're older and more mature, you definitely don't want to be caught in a situation that you might regret. A good rule of thumb is that you're not ready to have sex until you've been able to talk to your partner about the status of your relationship and safe sex over 50. Sharing your concern about the topic when the time comes will surely be welcomed by a mature, sensible man.

# Don't be afraid to flirt

Flirting isn't just for twenty somethings or hormonal teenagers, adults can flirt too and it shows your level of interest. Not only that, but flirting can ease the tension of the date and give it a fun atmosphere that isn't too serious. Keep your body language open, smile, initiate body contact, and compliment your partner to let them know that you want to be there and that you're into them.

Dating over the age of 50 doesn't have to be a mundane process. It may be different than the dating scene when you were 20, but that doesn't mean you can't open yourself up to new experiences and connections in your romantic life. Using your experience and knowledge about the opposite sex that you've garnered over the years can be helpful when jumping into the dating pool. There is someone out there for everyone, you just have to take the plunge to find them.