Top Dating Sites: vs. OKCupid

Online dating is a highly popular and continually growing social scene for those looking to build romantic relationships through matching shared interests and making connections. A number of online dating sites have emerged as especially popular amongst the digital crowd, particularly and OKCupid. Here is a comparison of the two sites based on their accessibility to the online dating world and their various features offered to its members:

Search features allows you to search for specifics, allowing you to search based on height, weight, race, income, etc. If you're rather particular about who you're looking for,'s search feature is probably more useful. OKCupid, however, allows you to search on compatibility which pairs you with people who have similar interests and profile-based answers. This is good if you're not particularly picky, but still want to find someone who will complement you well.

Communication offers communication tools such as Favorites, Messages, Likes, and Winks to engage with other members, but sometimes these communication methods don't always elicit the expected responses. OKCupid uses a chat message feature that allows you to communicate with people you might be interested in, although this chat feature is often commonly used and you might find yourself getting unsolicited messages.

Traffic ranks 1st for the number of monthly unique visitors, and OKCupid ranks 2nd. These numbers indicate the amount of highly engaged users who frequent the site. Both sites promote great traffic, although is slightly more reliable.

Profile Usefulness

OkCupid offers profile prompts that can make your profile more interesting and readable, while also providing you with better answers that can help give you more insight into the person. It also has a fairly clean profile layout that makes it easy to use and read. There is a question section that can you a lot of information about a person's interests, views, and values that you may be curious about but don't necessarily want to ask right away. offers similar profile features, yet its profiles tend to be simpler with less specific information that doesn't necessarily cater to people's curiosities. Rather than preparing unique and in-depth questions, it simply just has its members write a summary about themselves in a text box, which can be bland and boring.


Most online dating sites have an option for free use, although these won't allow access to the full set of features that the paid membership allows. The free use of OKCupid is useful and accessible, although is basically useless unless you get the paid version. does give the guarantee that if you haven't found someone in 6 months, you get the next 6 months free which is a good deal.